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You can search for items in the catalogue using the EAN, if you know it, or by
entering all or part of the title(s) you would like to find.

For language teaching and learning publications in particular you may prefer
to use our classified search facilities. In this way you can narrow your search
according to the language, type of students in a class, well-known coursebook
series, and other criteria provided. By using the right combination you can
usually reduce your choice to a manageable set of titles, often a single
page in the browser. You can also combine a classified search with a text

For example:
You are looking for a coursebook to teach English to a group of adults
whose level you estimate to be B1 (you can also use the traditional
level description pre-intermediate in most cases). You may have a preferred
publisher. So you start with:
Language: English
Coursebooks for ...: Adult General
By CERF or Exam: B1 or Level: Pre-intermediate
Publisher: of your choice

When you see what comes up you may choose to narrow the choice to
a single coursebook title using either the text search field or the
Courses by Name classification (the latter is just a shortcut to the
main courses we sell). Once you get that far you might start selecting
the components you are interested in (e.g. Student's Book, Workbook
with Key, Teacher's Book, Audiovisual) ready to make an order. Or
if you want to run through as many courebooks as possible to start with,
you could use, say, the choice Teacher's Book to show a different course on every line.

Only those titles which appear on ILC pricelists are fully classified, i.e. products which are imported and stocked by ILC. The shop also offers titles from other publishers and those with specialised classifications, which can be found only by publisher name and/or through a general text or EAN search.

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